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Interview by Voyage Denver Magazine

While I am always amazed at the work of other balloon professionals, I must say I felt humbled and very honored to have received recognition in my city for our work. There are always moments that we remember as being very significant in the process of our business. This was definitely one of them! Voyage Denver Magazine reached out to me wanting to do an article of Balloon Empyre and my journey since I started my company.

The article touches on some key points of being a woman in business and really puts things into perspective for someone just starting out. The road of course has not been easy and I am learning something new every day. Getting your brand/name out there for clients to see when you are home based, has been one of the biggest challenges.

I hope you enjoy reading the article, and even if only one person out there reading it becomes inspired to follow their dreams....then that's a win in my book!

As always, thank you for your support; it means the world to me.

Read the Full Article Here:

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