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How did I get started decorating?

I decided to add a little bit about myself because I believe in doing business with people I know, like and trust. This is a way you can get to know me, so to speak, in my own words!

My background is that of hard working, dedicated, humble and creative people. My family works in construction, retail, restaurant/hospitality/healthcare industry, barber shops, real estate, child care, even in radio station and music industry. As for myself, I've worked at most of those industries over the years. Cleaning, serving, marketing, selling, painting, supervising and everything in between.

I've always had a creative side, my dad was a carpenter and I used to love working with him making rustic wood furniture in Island Park, ID. Watching and helping him turn dried up pine trees into a lamp, a table or even a bed was fascinating. My mom also loves baking and crafts of all sorts. I picked up a little here and there from both of them!

When I moved to Colorado I spent time working at the Denver Performing Arts Complex in Downtown Denver, is where I really became aware of my interest for event decorating. I was mesmerized by the unbelievable decor at their events. It's inspiring to watch someone turn an empty space into a wedding, a gala, and most of all a party! They were elegant, beautiful and so full of life. Here we are a couple years later!

Starting my own small business in Denver-Metro area, has truly been a new adventure. Special thanks to everyone who supports and inspires me to do something different.

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