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Corporate Sale Balloon Display

You have a sale coming up at your business and you want to attract potential customers. You can hire someone to stand on the sidewalk and spin a sign. Banners are usually a good idea. Posting on social media is also helpful but it only attracts people who already shop with you & with all the ad's online nowadays, yours might go unnoticed. If you want to go big, make an impact and be completely get a custom balloon decorator. We design a display that draws attention of absolutely everyone passing your business.

This cosmetics balloon arch was created for Dillard's at the Flatiron Mall in Broomfield, CO by Balloon Empyre LLC. Dillard's was hosting an event with specials in their cosmetics department. The balloon arch we created matched the red, black and silver banner colors that the client already had & it was placed on the inside of the double doors leading from the inside of the mall, to their store right in front of the cosmetics counter. We focused on designing elements from the sale to display on the arch, like a balloon blush, balloon mascara wand, balloon perfume, balloon nail polish, lipstick & more. People who already walked in the mall but might not otherwise be looking to shop inside Dillard's, did in fact come inside because the of the big beautiful balloon display. It was very hard to miss this beautiful balloon decor that stood well over 9ft tall. The balloon arch lasted throughout the event which lasted about a week.

We have had some balloons last well over a month indoors and they still look beautiful. More than paying for balloons, you are investing in a moment, a memory, an entrance and the pictures you will have will last a lifetime!

Consider having professional balloon decorations at your next company event to draw a crowd, get the attention of potential clients and have a spectacular looking event.

For more information on how to book for balloon decorations in Denver and surrounding cities, feel free to email me at I'd be more than happy to help make your next event a successful one!

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