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Balloons for a corporate event?

That's right! Balloons are not just for kid's birthday parties or baby showers anymore. In recent years, balloon decorations have evolved thanks to professional balloon artists. Yes, there is such a thing!

We only use high quality latex and foil balloons to create unforgettable pieces of artwork. Imagine a balloon arch with balloon "fireworks" for a 4th of July sales event, a 7 foot tall balloon ice cream cone to inaugurate a sweets shop or how about an entire wall of your lobby filled with balloons with the company name in BIG and BOLD balloon letters to celebrate 10 year company anniversary!

The really cool thing about balloon decor, is the immense array of colors that we work with allows us to personalize it just for your needs. Balloon decorations can be elegant, eye catching and truly make a statement. Chrome and Pastel colored balloons are the latest trend.

Here are a couple of decorations we have done for corporate events. How will you stand out at your next company party?!

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