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How do I know if a Balloon Arch is right for my event?

Balloon Arches are by far the most sought-after balloon decoration for all sorts of events. In recent years, the balloon arches have taken many shapes, textures and sizes. They can be used to make a bold statement at the entrance of your party, at the finish line of a marathon, in the parking lot of a new business as a way to attract the public's attention to a Grand Opening or Sales Event. Balloon Arches with greenery, flowers or lights for a Cake table have also been extremely trendy.  If you are having an employee appreciation party, you could order a few different arches; one in Silver, one in Gold and the last one with Stars attached as to highlight employees of the month/best sales team.

Possibilities are truly endless! 

Price:  Small table arches start at $80 & classic balloon arches start at $150, average price runs $300 for the simple designs. Free-flowing or "Organic" balloon arches with more intricate designs vary from $25-$55 per linear foot.

Indoor/Outdoor friendly? YES. Outdoor decorations are sometimes challenging due to our crazy Colorado weather. Balloon Empyre LLC uses sturdy baseplates and framework for our outdoor décor.

Size: Balloon Arches are very versatile. We can make a 4ft tall Arch to fit over a cake on top of a table, or we can make a 30ft Arch to really make a bold statement!!! Many variables go into determining the proper size that best fits each and every event.


Example of Table-top Arch

Example of Squared Arch for Sales Event

Example of Outdoor Arch for races.

Example of Organic Demi-Arch with Greenery for a Conference

Example of Organic Full-Arch with Greenery for a Reception Entrance


Take a look at some of our beautiful event decoration Balloon Arches! Decorations for Sales Events, Quinceañeras, Babyshowers, Graduations, Themed Birthdays, Full Balloon Decorations in Denver and surrounding cities. The best part about choosing balloon decorations for your event is that we customize them just for you!